Since 1995 Palomino Motors has been offering a new way to purchase cars. Our no-hassle warehouse operation is designed around selling to dealerships. We have learned that consumers enjoy and deserve the same experience. Palomino Motors has become the premier dealer for luxury pre-owned cars not only in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but our market has quickly gone national.

Owner Comments:

You can never go home again... Customers we humbly thank you for helping us find out. In 1995 in our unpainted roughly decorated warehouse, we began our journey. We were not sure how early to open in the morning and did not know what time to close. We were young and anxious. We did not know if the phone would ring and we worried about whether customers would come in (OK we still worry about that...) the point is we were so concerned about what lie ahead and what was around the next corner. From the Palomino family to our loyal.

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